What is ISTDP.NET.AU about?

For Everyone

This website is dedicated to providing information and resources for people looking for information about Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), a form of psychotherapy developed by Dr Habib Davanloo, MD to help relieve emotional difficulties through a therapeutic process that facilitates the total removal of resistance to experiencing one’s own emotions, a process patients have described as "Unlocking of the Unconscious."

Using precise therapeutic interventions and resting on a thorough understanding of human psychological functioning, ISTDP has demonstrated its effectiveness over four decades of development. The goals of this treatment encompass not only relief from acute psychological symptoms, but also freedom from crippling, deep-rooted patterns of self-sabotage. Patients experience increased emotional freedom, enriched interpersonal relationships, and heightened mental functioning.

For Professionals

This website is a place for psychotherapists practicing in Australia and New Zealand to exchange ideas and information about ISTDP.

There are many plans in development for ISTDP in Australia and New Zealand, including a newsletter, periodic research updates, consultations with master clinicians, news of upcoming events, news about our members, and other exciting learning opportunities.

We look forward to providing you with this information to enhance your practice and to becoming a part of a growing group of practitioners dedicated to the advancement of this highly practical evidence-based form of psychotherapy.


This is a non-profit website.

There are no commercial agreements with any individuals or organisations.

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